Nurses released

Free voices of Nurses

Ideas make their way before being born and shared with the world. After a period of coming back to oneself, they finally dared to be!


This is how this liberated nurses project came to life. The force and the passion with which nurses engage in their mission, rekindles the torch of a new paradigm of care which asks only to be ignited.


I am committed to revealing all their beauty, experience and skills through an ephemeral makeup. A sketch on the skin paradox of the immutable principle that nurses were, are and always will be!

In alliance with our pairs of ASSC and caregivers, it is through these messages that we also carry them.


Beyond the masks and the white coat, here are the testimonies of committed humans that I like to make visible, free of their voice and thoughts.

"The courage and perseverance of laurel, crowned victory"
" Fairy of little patients who sleep under the petals of anemones"
" Heal and soothe like the poppy"
"The joy of loving, sincere like the hyacinth"

And after the Artistic experience?

"During this moment of sharing I experienced an overcoming of Self, an outbreak. Curiosity and a lot of effervescence and creativity. My message: Bravo! Continue like that. Thank you. Charlotte. "

"Softness, calm, positive energies. A moment of relaxation but also of sharing. I learned that I absolutely had to take care of myself other than through sport. Relaxation and beauty have become more important. since this shoot. My message: It is important to take care of yourself in order to be able to effectively take care of the other. I find that your initiative and your palette of colors are balm in the heart! Jelissa. "

"A great listening, sharing I saw your spontaneity, your passion and creativity. It makes me happy. It makes me want to grow. Oh! Yes I thought about why I had chosen the Jacynthe and not the one you was thinking of the base (the sunflower). At this point in my life, I myself returned a certain energy to others while in the background, deep inside me, if I was going to look I was not there not at all ... My message: Everything is movement, nothing is fixed, we can decide to improve our life but not that of others, we have the power for ourselves, we can guide people to other horizons but we cannot be responsible for everyone's happiness and I think that unfortunately, as long as there are people who think they have achieved happiness by entrusting it to someone, we are on the wrong path… Audrey "